Quote Of The Day

"Find the balance between effort and ease" 

My yoga teacher said this in quote class today and it made so much sense.  I'm a fighter, a survivor, and one who believes that hard work almost always pays off.  But what happens when you work too hard at one thing?  Career, parenting, your so-close, almost-there, I-think-I-see-em six-pack of abs???  What then??  Plain and simple, we lose balance.  When we move in only one direction, we get out of balance. Our strengths may get stronger, but our weaknesses get weaker.  So I implore you to try something new, something different each day.  If your path is not leading you to the desired destination, change directions.  Anywhooo...sorry to get so heady but come on gurrrls...gotta go there once in a while ♥