11 Must-Haves For Your V-Day Vacay


V-Day is right around the corner, Haute Mommies!  That usually goes one of two ways:  1. Embrace It 2. Erase It...from our minds and the calendar, like forever. This year, we chose the former.  I wanted to show the Main (adult) Man in my life just how much I ♥ and respect him.  Scottie and I opted for an early Valentine's Day Vacay which also happened to be our first night EVER away from the little guy.  I was warned that it would be tough, I'd even shed a few tears, but seriously, I must be some cold, heartless bitch, that didn't happened.  In fact, I was ELATED simply to spend 24 hours focused on just the 2 of us.  I could actually read a magazine cover to cover...in silence!  I didn't have to look at a clock once...I could get drunk!  JACKPOT $$$  Lemme also say this: 24 hours was the perfect amount of time and the anticipation of returning home to our perfectly amazing giant bundle of PERFECTION (did I already say that??) felt like opening the BEST birthday present ever!!!  

We checked out the Ritz Carlton in Rancho Mirage www.ritzcarlton.com for our night away and couldn't have picked a more incredible destination.  From the spot-on service to the immaculate desert grounds, beautifully-apointed guest rooms (many complete with firepits) and exceptional grub gurrrrrls, this Palm Springs gem we used to visit as kids with our parents, has come full circle - becoming our 1st getaway as new parents.  I will go back again...and again....and again...until they kick my ass out  :)))  And what made our trip over-the-top-FAB were these 11 THINGS - that I hope you'll keep in the back of your mind before planning your next getaway. 

1) Fire 


2) Water 

 3) Something Boozy


4) A Hangover Cure

 vacation advil

 5) Basta Bikini: Hautties, I wore this one throughout my pregnancy because the top offers great support www.bastasurf.com and it's still sexy as hell.


6) Blackout Shades, for obvious reasons

vacation blackout

 7) Tacos  They're not too much but just enoughvacation tacos

8) Vogue - cover to cover

vacation vogue

9) Missoni Headscarf, because nothing screams R&R quite like Missoni at the pool www.missoni.comvacation missoni

 10) Something New: In my case, these Ralph Lauren brand spanking new F$%* Me heels  The hubs thanked me BIGTIME

photo-29 copy 2 11) Nanny Cam- So you can rest assured it's all okay just when your mind starts to wander. We have ours hooked to our cellphones. www.summerinfant.com vacation nanny cam