A Different Kind Of Valentine

My BFF's Bachelorette Party is this weekend, over Valentines Day at what's supposed to be the most heavenly destination on the planet earth, Miraval www.miravalresorts.com There's some real irony here.  First, most of us attending are either married or in serious relationships but spending V-day bonding with each other.  Second, a day designed for women across the country to dress up, or down theoretically, in the sexiest lingerie for their MEN is going to be spent decking out our WOMAN in bras, booty shorts, bustiers, you name it for her BLACK lingerie party.  Anywhoo...I'd heard about www.yandy.com as the go-to website for decorating our lovely lady lumps.  Lemme tell you, it does not disappoint.  They've got everything from the obvious-lingerie, to the playful- dresses, costumes, stockings, shoes, wigs, swimwear and more.  They cater to standard and plus size ladies (which I love) Oh and everything is totally affordable.  So while you Haute Mommies may be scrambling to find the perfect pair of panties to surprise your hubby with on V-day, I scored these for my girl on her B-day (Bachelorette Day) 

And more...

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