Standing tall and proud, pregnant in heels, is a common practice these days.  Celebs rock the look, many of my fellow Haute Moms do, for gawd sake, there was a TV show named after it.  But there's still a science to looking graceful and glam on bottom, with a burgeoning tummy on top.  HauteMomsClub, here's how it breaks down - the DO's and DONT's to working it, Pregnant In Heels

DO: Respect that comfort is key.  Platforms for example.  They're always a great, comfy option. It's simply about finding the right pair.  Remember, feeling comfortable exudes confidence.

DO: Opt for wedges if stilettos are out of the question.  Shopping, lunching, sunning, whatever it is, the wedge is your answer.  Comfy, Cute, Can you ever have too many?!  Nope :)



Rock statement heels.  I love the idea of a super funky heel to jazz up any outfit.  Especially, if you like me, choose black over any other color during your pregnancy.


Be too brave.  Retire those triple-platform Loubies...for now.  Safety, first...face-planting, definitely not the idea.  And perhaps a bit silly seeing any woman about to give birth working hooker heels.



Squeeze into a 6.5 when you're really a 7.  Foot fat is never fun.  Fact #1: Your feet expand during pregnancy.   Fact #2: They usually return to their normal size so don't go selling off your treasured Zanottis.  Unless of course, they're size 7 and you live in the LA area.  In that case, let's exchange info.


Forget where you're going.  Map out how much walking you'll actually be doing.  Car to table to bathroom back to car simply requires looking fabulous.  A trip to Disney, and perhaps a great Tory Burch wedge flip-flop will do.


And finally, DO enter a room loud and proud and DON'T look back :)