The Best Un-dressed Baby Bumps

It's one of the first things they teach as a red-carpet reporter, a right of passage so-to-speak, and truthfully, a fabulous go-to when you don't know who the hell you're interviewing.  Rather than inquiring, "Who Are You?" it's "Who Are You Wearing"  But that question doesn't much apply here.  "Who Aren't You Wearing" seems more fitting. For many pregnant women, hell could freeze over before they'd willingly flaunt their flesh for millions of eyeballs.  For celebrity moms, it's par for the course.   Posing in next-to-nothing, your only real accessory, that kick-ass baby bump, was shocking 21 years ago with that iconic Annie Leibovitz pic of Demi Moore gracing the cover of Vanity Fair Mag...Since then, it's become less controversial than Britney breaking a nail.  So here's the question, Haute Mom's Club; Is it too much?? Or just enough?  Would you pose for your own stripped-down pregnancy pics?  And who's up next?  Mila Kunis? Rachel Bilson?  ScarJo? - I know I'd buy that magazine.  Here's a look back in time at some of the most-memorable covers...


Ironically, Demi was pregnant with daughter, Scout Willis, who just grabbed headlines walking  around topless to protest Instagram’s nudity rules, says she never had a choice about fame. “I was on the cover of Vanity Fair before I was born, so I never ­really had a choice about whether or not I wanted a public image,” Scout referring to this cover.



scoutCindy Crawford, 1999

Britney Spears, 2006

Christina, 2008

Mariah Carey, 2011

A middle-aged, non-Celeb makes the cover of New York Magazine in 2011