I can't tell you how often I stare out the window anxiously awaiting UPS.  Typically, it's a very special delivery for yours truly, and usually consists of a 1 or more, who are we kidding- 3 or more boxes that may or may not hold some very precious cargo...SHOES!!!  Today was no different.  Well, maybe just a wee bit.  And that's just it -- The amazon box arrived and in it, 8 itty bitty boxes.  Baby Minnetonkas! For those of you who don't know, they're basically the most precious slip-on moccasins EVER!  And in my most humble opinion, a pretty damn good baby gift.

When baby Gibson arrived, so did the many, MANY presents.  How lucky are we?!  But that's when it got me thinking.  If we receive another burp cloth, pair of socks or personalized towel, I may just get a jump-start on my second bambino so all the goodies don't go to waste.  Now, as you know there's a serious baby boom going on and we, too, are in the market for some killer bb gifts.  A few google searches later, low and behold the (un)buried treasure.

Without much thought, we just about bought all the minnetonkas Amazon has to offer and sent them to our friends and family who are waiting for the stork to swoop in with their special delivery.

I'd like to point out, not only are these booties cute as hell but they're also affordable $19-$30 and will last a lifetime - even if only on display.  Word to the wise, the sizing chart is a bit confusing.  So here's what I learned.  Size 2- newborn to 6mnth, Size 3 6-12 months, Size 4- 12-18 and so on.  They tend to run big.

So even though no loubies showed up on my doorstep today, I still reveled in the all these new shoes, even if one quarter my size.