I Can't Live Without...

Is it just me or can you actually notice your skinny jeans shrinking the moment you see this "+" on that funny little stick!?  I swear the second I learned of my pregnancy, I laughed, I cried, I nearly puked - did I mention I had one too many vodkas that night?  Don't judge, I had no idea I was actually with child at the time.  And then it all set in.  I mean, how would I dress this ever-changing body over the next 9 months?  Misconception #1 - My beach bod will be back in 9 months, just in time for summer.  Yeaaaaaa right, it's more like 9 plus 9, and maybe another 9...if you're lucky. Of course, here in Hollywood, things are a little different.  It's often tough to decipher whether that hottie in BH is a tad bit bloated from the roughage in her La Scala chopped salad (dressing on the side, please) or if she's actually 8 months preggers.  It's the ladder.  Just maddening.  But that's when the light bulb went off; I decided to be the best I could be during and after my pregnancy by living healthy, happy and comfortably chic.  Those things, only possible with a little help from these friends, including the best maternity denim (I swore off all maternity clothes until I slipped on Adriano Goldschmied, H&M Tanks, the Evelyne Hermes Satchel (smartest...splurge...ever) and more.  Here are a few things I can't live without.

1) www.viaspiga.com 2) www.gap.com 3) www.hm.com  4) www.hermes.com

5) www.apeainthepod.com 6) www.bellybandit.com 7) www.ag.com