I'm Pregnant, My Ass Is Fat, I Have Nothing To Wear, By Kelly Nishimoto

Haute Mom's Life Contributor and TV Star/Fashion Designer, Kelly Nishimoto lays it all out here in a hilarious and oh-so-real rundown of life as an expecting mama.  Take it away, Kell... As a mom, we’ve all been there. It’s like mental tug of war. On one hand we want to show off the fruit of our loins. On the other hand we are mortified at the onset of pregnancy cottage cheese, expanding hips, and enormous boobies! And to top it off…larger feet? What the hell? You think to yourself, as you move forward, deeper & deeper into this new chapter of life, “Will my ass ever be the same? What does my husband think of me now? Are people noticing?” Then reality hits. You’re exhausted & emotional. The last thing you want to think about is your wardrobe. Your jeans don’t fit anymore and you’re tired of leggings. Well ladies…it’s time to give in and embrace your mama curves! As a mom in the fashion & TV industry, who gained 60lbs during my pregnancy, I learned that there were a few key “go to” pieces that helped me survive! Obvi we want to look cool…but comfort is also key and with these 5 basics, you can’t go wrong…

5 MUST HAVE BASICS for every Haute Moms closet during pregnancy:

What: A Perfect Fitting Blazer - $25-$125

 Where to Buy: Zara | H&M | Forever 21 | Macy’s

The Deets: If there is one fashion lesson I learned while filming my show being 7 months pregnant is that a perfect fitting blazer is definitely a maternity & post pregnancy must!

Why they are great: Blazers are an easy way to fancyify your comfy jeans & a basic tank. They allow you to look polished but still be super comfortable.

Bonus Points: Blazers give you shape and the appearance of a slimmer waistline by hiding side fat & wide backs & shoulders all while showcasing your beautiful baby bump!


What: Wrap Sweater/Cardigan - $25-$85

 Where to Buy: Asos | Nasty Gal | Forever 21

The Deets: Soft knit wrap sweaters can be worn so many different ways. What did we do before these? They started off as a trend but have become the go to piece for most women and have replaced the zip up hoodie.

Why they are great: They are light weight and the perfect cover-up! They are flattering on all body types and easy to wear.

Bonus Points: They are great for breast feeding in public or pumping your milk in traffic! Don’t judge me! LOL! Yes…I pumped many time in traffic using a manual pump, wearing a wrap sweateror scarf

What: Comfy Cute Lounge Pants - $69-$98

Where to Buy: Kelly Nishimoto (Yes! That’s me) www.cutebootylounge.com

The Deets: My origional “Cute Booty” Pants should be in every woman’s closet pregnant or not! They are made with the softest stretchy fabric. The ruched back detail makes every womans booty cute and the over sized satin tie in the front “hides your goodies”

Why they are great: There is no elastic in the waistband so there is ZERO chance of muffin top! On top of that, I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy and the same size fit me the entire time!

Bonus Points: They are the perfect post pregnancy pants! They were the only pants I wore after baby because, let’s face it…I was still extremely “fluffy”. And there is also a legging version…

What: Modern Maternity Jeans - $40-$70

 Where to Buy: H&M www.hm.com

The Deets: All of H&M’s Maternity Jeans are Jeanius! They are the perfect balance between comfortable & chic…and they have just the right amount of stretch!

Why they are great: The belly bands are made of cotton lycra! I don’t know about you…but maternity jeans with the gross poly lycra pantyhose feeling grosses me out & makes me itch…

Bonus Points: They are the best bang for you buck & the best fit for your belly!

What: T Shirt Dress - $35-$45

Where to Buy: Asos www.asos.com |Target www.target.com

The Deets: The T Shirt Dress. Any style, any color. These soft comfortable beauties are better than chocolate cupcakes. Try the swing version for extra room!

Why they are great: They are soft, comfy, & hide everything! They can be worn casual with cute flats, a cropped jean jacket, and some major arm candy or with chunky wedges or boots paired with a bad “A” necklace & red lipstick for a more glammed up look.

Bonus Points: Feels like you’re wearing pajamas! (Bloomers Suggested underneath for obvious reasons