20 Things You Don't Know About Courtney Lopez, Haute Mom Edition

You know her as the beautiful host of NUVOtv's Love And Salsa, from her VH1 reality show, Saved By The Baby with hubby Mario Lopez and as our new #HauteMomsLife Contributor but theres a whole lot to Courtney Lopez ya didn't know like who she'd change lives with for just one day.  So, here goes... 20 Things You Don't Know About Courtney Lopez, Haute Mommy Edition....

1. I can't live without my cute workout clothes. I like to be comfortable.

2. You'll never find me dressed up at the grocery store.

3. When I grew up I could run around my neighborhood with no worry .  My kids are growing up on a very tight leash. Times have changed.

4. I'm happiest when my whole family is together including my family and In laws from out of state.

5. Blood freaks me out most as a mother

6. Cute band aids make everything better when #5 happens. They make Gia so happy!

7. I've learned everything I know from my mom

8. What I don't know I learn from my mom

9. I get inspired by single mothers. They have such a hard job.

10. People think of me as sometimes guarded...but actually I have such a huge heart. I just don't like being taken advantaged of.

11. Lack of sleep surprised me most when I became a mom the 1st time

12. Even more lack of sleep with no time to nap because of 2 kids surprised me most the second time

13. I can't take when other mothers compare children.

14. The best piece of advice I've gotten is...be present. The days may feel long but the years fly by.

15. My family means the world to me.  I don't remember my life before them.

16. If I could change positions with anybody for one day it would be J LO.

17. I strive daily to make the best decisions for myself and family.

18. The 3 most important things in life, other than my family, are my doggies, coffee and coffee.

19. In 5 years you'll find me in the same kitchen making food for my husband, dogs and kids. I don't think I ever leave the kitchen!

20. My definition of a Haute Mom is this; If you're a Mom, you're a Haute Mom to me. What we do and what we give is just freakin awesome.