But There Is An "I" In Miraval

The old adage goes, "There is no "I" in team"  Good thing there is one in Miraval because that's just what this Haute Mama got when visiting the Tucson, Arizona wellness resort dedicated to inspiring life in balance.  For the first time, in a long time, It's all about what I want.  I think I will try the cardio dance this morning, then Iwill head to the spa for a hot stone massage.  Iwill grab lunch and a cocktail before 5 o'clock...and will jump off a 35-foot poll with a 360-degree rotating disc at the top (more to come on that) Why you ask?  Because I CAN!   

This was one of the best trip I've taken mainly because I was able to really reconnect with myself, something most, if not all, mothers forget to do.  Now, lemme just say this, if you're looking for over-the-top decadence, 5-star dining and white glove service, this may not be the place.  I guess the irony here is that I'm typically a bit of a hotel snob but I let that go mainly because what Miraval lacks in opulence, it makes up for in substance.  Think of it as Disneyland for adults but instead of running from ride to ride you're running from class to activity to spa treatment.  And like I always say, if it's good enough for Oprah, it's damn well good enough for me.  Yup, the big O marked her stamp of approval on this special destination.  If that's not enough, Kourtney Kardashian, The Real Housewives of Jersey and even Mel Gibson have all experienced Miraval's wonder.  

A couple quick tips: 1. Make sure you have snacks with you upon arrival.  After a long day of travel (it's an hour from the Tucson airport) you'll need them.  There's not a ton of food floating around the hotel at off-hours.  2. The hotel is all-inclusive so put away that change.  They don't allow tips of any sort which is one of the BEST aspects of this property.  It really helps you maintain that ultimate relaxation zone.  3. Tuck away your phone.  The hotel offers one area on grounds, other than your room, where you can talk on the phone.  Other than that, it is requested that you keep cell off and away.  Good news is you can bring them out to snap pictures.  4.  Keep an open mind...for obvious reasons.  The more you open yourself to new experiences, the more you'll grow.  

Miraval offers a picturesque desert backdrop for its more than 200 fun, informative, relaxing classes/treatments weekly, an award-winning spa, a complimentary juice bar, an actual bar bar (doesn't happen at many of these wellness resorts) and insanely cushy beds...drool drool drool.  We stayed 3 nights (wish it was more) but here are some of the classes I ♥ and a great way to plan your days, with Miraval's description.  I totally recommend this type of schedule because you get the best of all worlds.  

Day 1: BODY

Dance Class - You will learn choreography to Pop, Latin, Disco, Swing, Country, and Broadway tunes, improve your dance knowledge, connect with other dancers around the nation, and experience a feeling of pure “joy”! Dance Passion at Miraval provides the perfect setting to de-stress and focus on your goals.

Aerial Yoga - Breathe, flow and fly in this exciting new yoga practice that helps improve overall health and physical agility, lengthens muscles and releases tension throughout your entire body. You will stretch, strengthen and realign using the support of silk hammocks suspended three feet from the ground.

Hot Stone Massage - Hot stone massage is a guest favorite at Miraval. We’ve designed this new treatment to combine the grounding effects of hot stones with the power of botanicals. Heat from the smooth basalt stones comforts and calms the mind as it renders muscles more limber and open to manipulation by the therapist. Your skin more readily accepts the professional-grade, antioxidant-packed essential oils used in the massage, and your mind and body emerge in balance.


Equine Experience - This class offers you an opportunity to practice living life in the moment. Work with specially selected horses and our expert facilitators. You’ll perform equestrian ground skills, getting a chance to notice personal patterns of learned behavior that may be holding you back from the life you want to live.

Cocktails In The Kitchen - Start your evening with a behind-the-scenes tour of the main kitchen at Miraval. During this 45 minute class, enjoy a Chef created appetizer and cocktail while you learn about our food philosophy and healthy cooking tips and tricks. This experience is designed for 4 or more guests.

Anti-Aging Facial -A Clarins Miraval Creation featuring the NEW Super Restorative Moisturizer and Serum Eye Cream Combat the signs of aging with this focused and effective treatment to smooth fine lines, address hyperpigmentation issues and restore skin to a youthful radiance. A double cleanse is followed by a double exfoliation using glycolic and salicylic acids to stimulate cell regeneration. Your therapist will then perform a drain-and-soothe lymphatic massage on your face, neck and décolleté, using a repairative facial serum mixed with a shaping lift massage formula designed to increase circulation while detoxifying the skin. An age-defying restorative mask is then applied, followed by an age-fighting tri-peptide mask. Your skin is then treated with the New Super Restorative Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturizer to give you a radiant glow.


QUANTUM LEAP - encourages you to make each movement with awareness and openness. Yet standing on the pole with another person complicates the activity in a way that is similar to how we experience compromise in other life relationships. Communication, trust and commitment are usually intimately integrated into the discussion. Quantum Leap II is a great event for teambuilding and strengthening relationships. Explore new ways of communicating and revitalize trust in yourself and others as you leap from a 35-foot pole.

Floating Meditation -enjoy the pleasure of being suspended from the ceiling in a nurturing yoga hammock while your mind is gently guided into a relaxed state. Experience the calming benefits of induced meditation while you are gently rocked to the soothing vibrations of crystal bowls. Release your mind’s stress, tension or worry while you “float” weightlessly in a silk hammock.

Hydrating Body Peel - A Clarins Miraval Creation An indulgent exfoliating treatment using botanical-based glycolic and salicylic acids that rids skin of impurities, while smoothing and softening the skin. Your therapist will apply an active exfoliating lotion to your body using a warm mitt; as it soaks in, it penetrates to your skin’s deepest level, removing dull surface skin cells to reveal the youthful skin beneath. Your rejuvenated skin is then treated to a full-body massage with an anti-aging balm rich in antioxidants. While you are lightly wrapped, your therapist will stimulate your scalp with an invigorating massage, then focus on your feet, thereby concluding the treatment. You’ll feel renewed and refreshed from head to toe. Guests may experience sun sensitivity and should apply sun block prior to any sun exposure after this treatment.

***For more info on pricing and availability, chk out www.miravalresorts.com