Lean And Green


Hey Haute Mommies.  A little tip I want to share with you that I've been trying lately and IT WORKS! It's super easy, will get ya lean, and it's GREEN! #LeanAndGreen So here's the deal.  At your next meal, add arugula lettuce over, under or on the side to cut calories in half AND fill you up.  Think 1 Enchilada (instead of two) + 2 handfuls of Arugula = 1/2 fat and calories and just as much flavor.  

When I cook pasta which is often at home, I take a handful of spaghetti, a handful of arugula on top and finish it off with parmesian cheese and pepper.  It's so simple it almost seems dumb -  but promise this'll help you shed those few extra lbs you can't seem to get rid of.   All you're doing is cutting your portion size in half and replacing the caloric foods with something seriously good for ya...We typically think of Arugula in salads but I suggest introducing it to your diet it as so much more; part of a main dish, a side dish or even as it's own spice/condiment.  Arugula packs a serious flavor punch, wonderfully peppery which enhances the taste of most dishes

On a scientific note, my father the hero, Dr. David Heber, Founding Director of UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, says arugula is a dark leafy green that offers serious health benefits too.  It contains something called Lutein which helps protect from blindness and is exceptional for the brain. Part of the broccoli family, arugula stimilutates enzymes in your liver that help protect against toxins like pestisides and other toxins in our environment.  Dr. Daddy also recommends eating it with literally a drop or two of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to help absorb the benefits of the lettuce.   

So...let us put our favorite lettuce (get it, get it :) on the menu and include it in every meal to come.