Thank You Dolce & Gabbana

The ultimate fashion accessory made its debut on the Milan Runway this past weekend. The Baby!!!  That's right fashion and family have beautifully united thanks to Dolce and Gabbana who celebrated the true definition of #HauteMommy at their latest fashion show dubbed "Viva La Mamma".  The designers sent models down the runway some with their own babies in tow and one model, Bianca Balti, pregnant with her second child.  

dolce 2

These ladies worked it in feminine dresses and skirts adorned with roses, lace and even embroidered doodles by the designers' own nieces and nephews, perhaps their inspiration taken from Angelina Jolie's veil/gown.  

Theres SOOOO much we love about this, the ubiquitous frowns now turned to giggles from the front row, the beautiful couture worn by actual WOMEN, not 14-year-olds and the fact that high fashion in a small sense is becoming more relatable to us, the baby makers :)  

Of course, the show didn't go off without some backlash.  Time Magazine for one suggests:  It’s hard to deny the actual collection is stunning, but the idea of the show itself left me cold. Celebrating motherhood is all well and good, but this display was an entirely shallow endorsement of women that smacks of a gimmick. The theme might be sweet and largely inoffensive — after all, who doesn’t love moms? — but it also stuck to a particularly narrow definition of mothers. In D&G’s world, motherhood is the most limiting archetype of all, where women are radiant and impossibly beautiful, but not truly sexual.

Gimmick or not, it's a BIG step in the right direction. XXX