Warning:  If you own a minivan, don't read on :).  If you do read on, please promise you'll still be my friend.  


Minivans & Backpacks 


We've always thought of backpacks like minivans; confusing, unsexy, and basically a last step before totally giving up.  Too harsh??  But seriously, think about it -- There's never, EVER been a time when you've pulled up in your minivan and someone's like, "Dayyyyyyuuum woman! Love your ride."  And in our mind, the same thing applies to backpacks.  Or, well it did.  See, we've come around.  Well actually, they've come around.  Backpacks that is.  They used to be so Jansport-y, so "I've got too many text books to carry and don't give a S%$U about style so I'll just strap one of these big burlap sacks to my back and call it a day."  Oh and then there was that craze of the mini backpacks in the 90's (which now seem to be a major hit with A-listers again)  BTW, what the hell are you fitting in there anyway?  

backpack 3.jpg
backpack 5.jpg

Yea, and remember that nylon Prada that made the rounds with moms off to Italy for the summer??  Unoffensive but EVERYWHERE.  

backpack 2.jpg

So back to the part of coming around.  Backpacks are now hip.  Wait did I actually just say that?  There are just so many new styles.  It seems like designers love making them and fashionistas love wearing them.  

backpacks .jpg

Shapes, Sizes, Styles...Hollywood's cray for them


backpack 1.jpg

And as it pertains to us, moms; well they're actually kind of conveniently amazing.  Hands-Free and totally on-trend.  We love that you can smash a million things into one compartment (like a big Mary Poppins purse) but the difference is the backpack's not always falling off your arm, or whipping you in the face as you reach down for your crying toddler, ass in the air.  C'mon we've all been there.  The security of the two over-the-shoulder straps (yes like a bra) -- offers so much more support for a juggling mama.  


Okay, so now let's talk about a Haute Mom's Life fave.  We've fully got our sights set on a V pricey (2k) Valentino Rockstud backpack - as gorgeous as any handbag you've ever laid eyes on - but let's face it, unless we're hitting the jackpot, we'll be stalking The Real Real until a recycled one pops up in the budget.  

backpack 3.jpg

Not every Backpack costs a month's rent -- Check out these -- super chic and affordable- $39.


GAP, $40



bag 1.jpg



So while we can safely say backpacks are errrr, back and we're totally on board, it may take a few more years and lots of annoying car rides to break us in to the idea of a minivan.

backpack chloe feye.jpg