Mondays used to be the most-dreaded day of the week...until it became my FAVORITE.  After a long weekend catering to the little ones- cooking, cleaning, spit-ups, slip ups, this errand, that birthday (oh don't even get me started) I've turned Monday into MY day.  At least some of it.  I still cart one to camp and the other to....oh well let's face it, the second child always gets shafted.  But point is, I make sure after a long kiddy-filled, overloaded weekend that I take time for myself.  CorePowerYoga.com followed by a nice, long, warm shower is a start.  Calls, catch up, writing, talking (to adults), manis, pedis, even lunch -- sitting, not standing- yep it's all about me/us.

Oh and get this-  I may even Netflix and Chill...by...my...self while the lil ones are passed out.  Wait, that came out wrong but you get it.  Whatever your situation may be, please take time for yourselves.  Working moms, this means you too!  Maybe you leave a little early to the office on Mondays to "work" uh I mean, sit in your car uninterrupted scrolling the gram and or Nordstrom.com or whatever your guilty pleasure may be. 

It's time to enlist a friend, neighbor, mommy's helper, family member, nanny - ANYONE - to give you some much deserved rest and relaxation.  

Mama's Note:  Disregard all feelings of guilt.  Remember, oxygen mask - right - oxygen mask :)