Mondays used to be my most-dreaded day of the week...until it became my FAVORITE.  After a long weekend catering to the little ones- cooking, cleaning, spit-ups, slip ups, this errand, that birthday (oh don't even get me started) I've turned Monday into MY day.  At least some of it.  I still cart one to and from camp and the other from room to room finding some new inspirational spot to feed this extra hungry (now mobile) baby girl but I make sure after a long kiddy-filled overloaded weekend that I take time for myself.  CorePowerYoga.com followed by a nice long warm shower leads to a bunch of random phones calls...with friends without the prying eye of my husband judging how much I'm on the phone.  Something he considers a waste of time and I bill necessary for my sanity.  

Sometimes I'll throw in a lunch sesh with other mommy friends - perhaps a wax, massage (can you f-ing believe it?) Oh and get this-  I may even Netflix and Chill...by...my...self while the lil ones are passed out.  Wait, that came out wrong but anywhoo...whatever your situation may be, please take time for yourselves.  Enlist a friend, neighbor, mommy's helper, family member, nanny - ANYONE - to give you some much deserved rest and relaxation.  

Editors Note:  Disregard all feelings of guilt.  Remember, oxygen mask - right - oxygen mask :)