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Life and style as we know it was totally revolutionized for the savvy shopper when high-end consignment website, The Real Real launched in 2011.  It wasn't until July 2016 that our fashion cherry was popped!!  We placed our very first of many orders to the online retailer.  2 pairs of (never-before-worn, mind you) Giusepeppi Zanotti heels - one oxblood suede fringed bootie - super ladylike...The other more Lady Gaga; Nude platform wedges with a dainty little ankle strap. 

Since then we've been a walking billboard for the company.  Literally, people are like "Do you get a kickback from them?"  Nope - but we probably should.  It's just honest to goodness enthusiasm for these guys who've cracked the fashion code -- at least in the minds of frugal suburban moms who crave couture but once settled for copies.  

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Top designers at up to 90% off!? Sounds too good to be true.  Oh but it isn't. Theory, Tibi, Alexander Wang, Brian Atwood, Vivienne Westwood - they line our closets now - marked down from thousands to hundreds easily.  And they're all in pristine, very good, or good condition as the website so eloquently puts it. 

They've got 90+ in-house authenticators inspecting thousands of items daily ensuring the authenticity of every piece it sells -- at a fraction of the original price.  Economic? Check.  Environmental? Check, Check.  The Real Real gives new life to pieces and is leading the circular economy for luxury.  Ya know that whole, "One person's trash is another ones treasure" thing.  Only, there ain't nothing trashy here.

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Ok so we sorta buried the lede in this story but it's only because the site is just so overwhelmingly satisfying and BEWARE, time-gobbling :) The Real Real has taken it one step further by opening their second brick and mortar store -- landing in LA at the corner of Melrose and La Cienega.  

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Sure it makes sense that with prime real estate like that, the retailer would flex their muscles showcasing the best of the best from the site.  That also means, most of it'll set you back a pretty penny.  Speaking of which, the space isn't just pretty, it's IMPECCABLE! -Like what you'd imagine Anna Wintour's closet to look like (with a splash of Jlo)  Sky-high walls lined with the chicest Valentino, Chanel, Gucci...Racks stacked with Marni, Missoni, Balmain - "Hey, isn't that the bejeweled micro-mini Kim K just wore to the MTV awards?"  

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And if that's not enough, well - there's this:

  • Men’s Store - First-ever men’s store features a sneakerdome, watch bar with rare watches, and a suiting and tailoring area.

  • Handbag Vault - The store boasts a 1,500 square foot vault with wall-to-wall luxury handbags, curbside consignment drop-off, and a cafe serving up fresh juices, snacks and coffee.

  • Free Valuations - Via the Luxury Consignment Office, The RealReal’s team of expert gemologists, horologists and authentication specialists are available – in-store and by appointment – for complementary fine jewelry, watch, and handbag valuations.  

  • Seamless Consignment Drop-offs - Curbside and in-store consignment drop-offs offer ease and efficiency.

  • Personal Styling Services - Select items from the site available to view in person, or pulled for shoppers by expert styling team.

  • Expert Workshops - Workshops and master classes provide consumers with expert content in authentication, styling, design, and current trends.

  • Luxury Services - Item repairs, alterations, and authentication of all luxury goods.

And when you're totally cashed, there's the Real Real Cafe - The cafe serves up coffee, pressed juices, salads and pastries.  No wine??  :) 

So while most of the time you'll find us sitting down, scrolling up for the latest deal of the day, perhaps we'll get our lazy butts off the couch and down to the Real Real for some in-store inspo. 

****The store's doors are open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more details please visit: www.therealreal.com/la