50 Shades Of Shades

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If there's one accessory that's got every Haute Mom "covered" rain or shine, day or night, inside and out- it's the perfect pair of shades. Whether you're popping bottles or in this case, pumping bottles, a great set of sunnies will have you looking your best on 2 hours rest.

My go-tos are Raybans - affordable-ish ($150-$250) timeless, chic, cool, hip -- all the adjectives and never too"trendy" which is kinda what I loathe...ya know, those styles that are here today - and everyone obsesseses over - and gone tomorrow!?  Put it this way, if you're going to look at a picture 10 years from now and say, "What the hell was I thinking" you shouldn't wear em.  


When it came time for my push present, I opted for the BIGGEST, BlACKEST pair I could get my paws on A) They'd shield me from the rest of the world B) They'd shield the rest of the world from me.

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shades 14.jpg
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I splurged, well actually, my hubby splurged - On a pair of over-the-top Chanels, perhaps a little too pricey but let's make one thing clear, I am one frugal bitch. You'll definitely find me strolling the aisles of TJ Maxx before Intermix.  That said, a few things are absolute MUSTS: Amazing heels, Amazing denim, Amazing bags and AMAZZZZING shades. That's not to say you need to spend next month's rent on a pair of Prada but these are items we wear all day errrrayday, so spending a little more goes a long, long way. Think of it as an investment if that makes you sleep better at night. Anyway, point is, if you want to look your absolute best, at your worst - well you know the drill.

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Cat Eyes

These are those super trendy shades I was talking about - If they're your thing you can find Le Specs --like these-- for $118. 

A few more mommy faves- not cheap but totally chic.  Tom Ford All The WAY!


SHADES 16.jpg


Victoria Beckham Sunglasses ($400-$500)