Moms Need Moms

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When I first had babies, life changed tremendously but my group of friends didn't.  I was one of the first to become a mom but that didn't stop me from calling my girls, spending time together, going out, essentially, living life as a single when we expanded into a Quadruple.  

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Truth is, I thought I didn't need a new group of friends, certainly not boring suburban mom-friends who'd talk endlessly about spit-ups, slip-ups, poop, patty-cake, sleepless nights, sexless days bla bla bla.  Oh, and trying to find the time to get together-- not just coordinating my own kids' schedules but now having to work around another family's naps and routines too??  Uh, no thanks.  

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Well, all that changed once I (reluctantly) began a mommy-and-me class with my first, Gibson.  Within moments, I knew this was the place for me/us.  Moms were sharing their own stories -- yes about potty training and nap times but also we shared laughs...lots and lots of laughs...about things only a mother can relate to.  It became a safe and hilarious environment for us to have adult conversation and feel normal again during a whirlwind time in life.  Cherry on top - my kid wasn't yanking at me to come play with him - he actually had other little people to connect with.  Victory!

Over time, this tribe of mamas who I literally met day one has become a hugely important part of mine and my children's lives.  We chat at drop-off, workout, have afternoon (I-want-to pull-my-hair-out) drinks, do playdates, and most of all, lend love and support to each other when others just don't get it.  And while my new community of mommies has even hung with my "old" friends it's been nuttin but love...mainly, because they each bring something totally different to the table.  Initially, I was anti finding a circle of moms to make my own but I've learned over time they are the final puzzle piece in helping me love life as a parent - poop and all.