As parents, we'll pretty much do whatever it takes for a good night sleep.  And let's face it, the only way that's happening is if our littles are sleeping well too.  It's funny to think of the great lengths we go to in order to secure a solid 8 hours (as if any of it really makes a difference anyway)

It usually goes a little something like this-  "Ok, be sure the blinds are all the way down and the sound machine is all the way up.  Rain.  That's the only sound she likes.  But it has to be 'City' rain.  White noise just won't do.  Oh and her panda pajamas?  Well those go with the purple sleep sack.  Ya know, she knows the difference and always gets the best night sleep in those as long as her humidifier is on.  Level 1 -- not two or three-- Two is soggy and Three is down right rain forest.  Got it???  Ok" 

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Please tell us you've been on one or the other end of that convo at least a hundred (thousand) times before.  While we're constantly obsessing over how to get them to sleep we rarely dive into what they're actually sleeping on.  Ya know, the mattress.  

As new moms, we're so overwhelmed with picking the right stroller, carseat, crib, yet the mattress, that's just an afterthought.  And wait, get this--- by the age of two, most children have spent more time asleep than awake and overall, a child will spend 40 percent of his or her childhood asleep.  


So if you're totally freaked out now -- not to worry, we were too.  And that's how we came to fall in love with Bundle Of Dreams. The guys behind this company have 3 generations worth of experience in beds so they know what should and more importantly, shouldn't go into your mattress - especially as it pertains to our precious little babes to keep them healthy and happy.

Bundle of Dreams mattresses are 100% breathable and non-toxic.  You know that funky smell that sometimes comes out when you yank the plastic off a new mattress??  It's called off-gassing and basically it ain't good.  Bundle Of Dreams has none of it -- no smell, no funk. Also (and here's some fancy talk) there are no VOC's (volatile organic compounds) which you absolutely want to stay away from when buying a bed for your babe.  Who knew??  

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Now for the part parents'll love.  The mattresses are made with an Organic Cotton, totally water resistant cover -- meaning if your little pees in the bed, it will NOT seep in but rather bead at the top like some cool little magic trick.  


The crib mattress is two-sided (which this frugal mama LOVES) One side is firm for a newborn, the other side - super cushy so your little will feel like he's at the Four Seasons or something fab like that.  Meanwhile, the twin is delectable - trust us, we've slept in it probably more than we'd like to admit.  It also has two different firmnesses so parents can choose the perfect feel for their tot.

The reason these beds are so dang comfy -- and really the sweet sauce here -- is that Bundle Of Dreams has a special bundle fiber with memory technology that you sink into for the most perfect night sleep.

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You, like us, are probably thinking -- ok this all sounds amazing but how much will a bed for my babe set us back??  How bout this - they're actually affordable.  Crib mattresses start at $179 and twins at $350 - which you know is totally on par with all the other premium mattresses out there.  Only thing here is you're bundling all the best features from each of them into one!  See how we did that??  Well, not us, but them.  And thank goodness because we're benefitting from it.  

After a few years of parenting, we can safely say that it makes no difference which color combo your child wears to sleep, but what does make a difference is how comfortably your babe sleeps.  Bundle Of Dreams -- is where it's at.  They're the mattresses we use for our littles and they certainly offer a better, healthier night sleep... for them AND us.  Sleep tight

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