Baby Ka-BOOM!

There's another MAYJAH Baby Boom taking Hollywood by storm!  From A-Listers to Athletes, Supermodels to Super HOT Musicians, it seems everyone's in on the action.  The question is, with so many channels available these days for sharing the big news, how are the Stars getting the word out!?  Some are uber creative, some don't say damn thang.  See here...

Kerry Washington And Nnamdi Asomugha -  US Weekly confirmed today the celeb couple is prego with their second child...But all it took was a red-carpet appearance at the White House Correspondents dinner for people to figure out the news themselves

Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis - Olivia took to Instagram with this ridiculously adorbs pic to let the world know she's cooking up another special surprise.

baby boom 8.jpg

Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green - Like Kerry Washington, Megan Fox made no mention of her pregnancy but a picture's worth a thousand words.  Megan showed up to Cinema Con in Vegas with her baby bump on full display which sent serious tounges wagging.  Adding a lil fuel to the fire, questions about whether Brian was the baby daddy or not.  Sure enough, the couple, though separated at the time, found the time to hook up for round #3!  

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds - The old fashioned way of finding out a Star's pregnant, snooping paparazzi photographed Blake Lively on set with an expanding belly.

baby boom 9.jpg

Behati Princeloo And Adam Levine - How's this for a switch-a-roo...Hubby Adam Levine posted a pic of a prego Behati on his Instagram account, captioning: My Two Favorite Laker Fans.  Awwwww How friggin KA-UUUUUTE!

Bar Refaeli And Adi Ezra - Yet again, Instagram was the outlet Bar used to share her beautiful news with fans.  She creatively opted to post a picture of her pregnancy test rather than a pic of her beautiful Supermodel self.

Audrina Patride And Corey Bohan - She followed Bar Refaeli and posted a picture of a pregnancy test to her Instagram account 

baby boom 7.png

Ellie Kemper And Michael Koman - Ellie took what seems like a classic celeb approach to reveal the news that she would be a mom for the 1st time...It all went down during an interview with funnyman, Jimmy Fallon.  SO SUPER CUTE!