Met Mommies!!!

After being utterly entranced by the sea of latex, lace, leather and lame at last night's Met Gala, I took a vow that at some point in the next 5 years, I...WILL...BE...THERE!  Lucky for these A-List fetuses, they're taking their first stroll down the ultra-glam red-carpet still in the womb.  Not to be upstaged, however, are the mommies who offer up their bellies as a comfy space for their unborn-babes to have a front-row seat of all the excitement.  Listen ladies, it's hard enough to get out of friggin bed when we're prego, so the fact that these stylish celebs rocked the red carpet as effortlessly as they did, well, MAYJAH kudos!!!  We're inspired and in awe!