With Halloween creeping up, it's only fitting to talk costumes. This year is all about Frozen, duh, and like evey year, you'll find a plethora of sexy____________ (fill in the blank: Devil, Nurse, Bee, Pirate and so on).  If you, like us, are so over it, it's time to think outside the Halloween Box to find something unique, cool, comfy and potentially semi-homemade.  Here's some inspiration for all you Haute Moms and your beautiful bambinos.Our top 10 Halloween costumes for 2014 on this Haute Mommy Monday!

For the Pregnant HOT, Haute Mom (get it, get it??) BUN IN THE OVEN - $40 - Party City



For the pregnant and brave Haute Mom: Homemade BEACH BUNNY AND HER BALL

For the Haute Mom looking for an easy, creative costume solution: FOOTBALL BABY

For the Haute Mom 2-b with a serious sense of humor: WHITE TRASH WIFE, modeled by Leanne Rimes

For the Haute Mom with a comfy, cute, cheap Halloween baby: LOVE YOU TO THE BONE $8 

For the Haute Mom with a sweeeeet little girl: COTTON CANDY BABE


For the 2 in 1 Haute Mom: POPCORN AND THE POPPER


For the ambitious Haute Mom: OLIVE OYL AND SWEE PEA

For the wise Haute Mom who dresses up, without really dressing up:  CHARLOTTE AND HER WEB

halloween spider costume

For the brand new Haute Mom: THE NEWBORN CARROT $40