I Can't Live Without...


There are 2 products I just can't live without.  Both treat a stubborn baby rash, but only one is so good it's used as an ingredient in everything from custard to gravy.  Haute Mom's Club, introducing a very old and very new product - 1. Corn Startch 2. Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Spray

Call me crazy but I've never actually owned cornstarch.  When it comes to cooking, I guess I'm just more of a flour gal, myself.  But this week, the trusty, white powder become a key ingredient in my life as a solution to treat my main man, not my main dish.  Gibson's starting to teethe pretty intensely and as many of you know, with that comes a steady stream of drool that travels down a baby's chin and ever so cleverly, wedges itself between his/her neck and chest.  This is not only messy as hell but uncomfortable for the baby as clusters of red, irritating bumps start to form.  I tried lotion (bad idea) destine (worse) and Aqua Four (didn't hurt, certainly didn't help) until my experienced mommy and MD daddy suggested cornstarch.  Really??  Truth is, it's a bit messy but lemme tell you, it's a friggin miracle.  I applied cornstarch on the little red bumps, which helps prevent moisture from accumulating.  Within 24 hours, little Gibby's rash was 50% better and in a couple days, almost 100% clear.  Sometimes it's the remedies that have been around forever that actually work best...and then again, sometimes it's a new spin, in this case spray, on an old product that makes this Haute Mommy very happy!

Let's face it, diaper rash sucks, for the diaper changer and changee (he he)  And applying medicine is always messy...gets under my nails, all over a wiggly baby's butt and always takes longer than it should.  I was introduced to Dr. Smith's diaper rash spray http://www.doctorsmiths.com #DrSmithsSpray a couple weeks ago at the Red Carpet Safety Awareness event hosted by Ali Landry.  There were a ton of brands hawking lots of products.  This is absolutely my favorite.  It's a touch-free spray that starts heeling diaper rash the second you use it.  It's quick, clean, and the baby seems to always find humor when it hits his butt.  A definite must, this one won't break the bank and will make life just a bit easier.  Enjoy the tips.  Lemme know what you think.