The Interview About The Interview With George Clooney

Posting a story about the Sony hack and North Korea isn't exactly in our wheelhouse at first glance, but truth is, this story is so important for every parent to familiarize themselves with.  It's much more than a juicy Hollywood scandal centered on salacious emails from studio big wigs, and a silly comedy about a dictator .  It's about our future and protecting our 1st amendment right, Freedom Of Speech.  As a journalist, a mom and an American, it's paramount that we create a safe place for future generations to express themselves freely without being shot down by bullies.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen here and Sony chose to pull the plug on The Interview after serious threats by a group of hackers, #GuardiansOfCowards  In this incredibly eye-opening interview with Deadline Hollywood and George Clooney, the actor suggests, the course of history changed on our watch, and we didn't even see it happening.  Please take the time to read this.  Yes, Clooney's sexy as hell, but what he says here, will really grab your attention.