I had a full blown Haute Mommy Moment the other day.  The fam and I were invited to an event at the Soho House, something they refer to as Market where 20 or so members set up booths to promote their product lines.  Be it spicy pickles, overpriced-yet-chic throw pillows, leggings I live in called Karen Audra http://audrashop.com or environmentally friendly candles, they all squeezed into the swanky LA rooftop, booth to booth.  Several familiar faces peppered the scene...Josh Groban, Ricky Shroder, Robin Antin...all glam, all fab and then there's me.  Sweating and struggling to haul in an oversized City Select bumping into virtually everything and everyone - real glamourous.  At that moment, surveying a crowd of LA's finest, drinks in hand, smiles ear to ear, I said Fuck it...I'm joining in, baby or not.  My hubby bee-lined for the bar and minutes later presented me with the best gift a girl could ask for at 12pm on a Saturday...An overflowing beeline.  Drink up mama!  A few sips later, it was all better, not because I miraculously stopped bumping into everything, I just DIDN'T give a shit.  And then I DID a lot of shopping...My favorite booth there, the adorable baby/kids clothing line, Kira www.kirakids.com 

The fabric is uber soft, apparently the ink is all-natural and good for babies and everything is manufactured right here in LA.  I ♥ the hell outta that!  Take the hippest eastsider you know and mash it with some iconic illustrations and you've got Kira.  I bought Gibson this little denim jacket with bat mobiles printed on the sleeves--  could you die?!  But I'm telling you I'd go back for the onesies and pants- both super cute gift ideas as well.  The price point isn't Carters but also isn't Marc Jacobs ($20-$75) soooooo....check out Kira, and send in some of your own #HauteMommyMoments xxx