Hauttie Of The Week: The Ultimate Hollywood Mama


Our Hauttie of the week, Courtney Lopez, doesn't just have it all, she genuinely does it all.  The stunning mom-of-2 (Gia and Dominic) and wife of Mario Lopez juggles shuttling her kiddies from ballet to piano, maintaining her own career as a TV/Radio personality, walking red-carpets, keeping the house together, and she still finds time for date-night.  If there's any Haute Mommy who's found the balance we all strive for, it's Courtney.  Here are some philosophies, tips, tricks and trends she swears by.

AC: You really are the ultimate haute mommy...how do you achieve that?

CL: Wow! What an honor! I think it’s so important to take time for myself. Whether it’s getting your nails done, or just a simple walk alone.

AC: It’s the age-old question but have you managed to find the balance between being a present mommy and still finding time for yourself/career? If so how?

CL: I take one day at a time. My work schedule is so inconsistent so there is no way I can ever “plan” ahead. I know my childrens school/ after school activities schedule and I go from there.

AC: I know in our house it’s like the 95% / 5% rule…the mommy does 95% the daddy, 5% what’s it like in your house?

CL: Ha! Yes, I can relate. Mario works so hard to provide for us but when he comes home he is so present. We are so blessed to have him.

AC: What products do you swear by both for you and your kiddies?

CL: For my kids, I’m a huge fan of Aden & Anais, Node Frida, Mabels Labels and Zoli products. And I can’t live without my Shiseido Bio Performance Face cream and tinted moisturizer.

AC: How do you keep your relationship fresh with two little ones running around?

CL: Mario and I always make time for date nights. We think it’s extremely important to not let our relationship fall to the way side. The kids love when we are affectionate to eachother.

AC: You mentioned that you have help only a couple times a week. That’s seriously impressive. Why is it important for you to be home with the kiddies?

CL: I have help when I work. I never want to miss a dance class, piano/singing lesson, Spanish class, etc. My kids are growing before my eyes and I don’t want to miss a minute of them learning and seeing something for the first time. It’s so refreshing.

AC: What’s your impression of the Hollywood mommies? I think the perception often is that they’ve got like 25 nannies and helpers around at all time…sorta joking but you get that pic…is that a misconception?

CL: I can only speak for myself and I know I do not have that! I have the bags under my eyes to prove it! HA!

AC: Do you want any more kids? If so, what’s the magic number?

CL: Mario and I would love to add one more to our family.

AC: You’ve managed to get your body back not once but twice…how did you do it? And women say it’s so much harder the second time around…did you notice that?

CL: I was so lucky the first time around. I did nothing. The second time around has been very challenging. I’m busier and way more tired so I don’t have much time to think about myself. I try my best to eat healthy and work out but its so hard!!!!!!!

AC: Lastly, do you think they’ll want to get into the biz? How do you feel about that?

CL: Gia has definitely been bitten by the performing bug. As long as she’s happy, we will support her all the way. Dominic is still a little young to but he definitely has a smile that lights up a room!