10 Instagram Accounts For Every Haute Mom To Follow

I have serious FOMO when it comes to social media.  Let's get real...I can't tell you how many times I see pix of celebs jet-setting from this tropical destination to that glamorous ski resort, friends posting pix of their Michelin-Rated meals and supermodels in itsy-bitsy bikinis...weeks after giving birth.  And I think....holy shit am I missing out?!  The truth is, uh no.  As most of you know,  the grass is almost never greener on their side.  That said, after devoting waaaaay too much time to social media, namely Instagram, we can certainly tell you there are a handful of accounts that enhance our lives as haute mommies, without leaving us feeling envious or deflated.  For that you need to 1. Make us laugh  2. Make us cry  3. Make us drool  4. Inspire me  5. Teach us something new.  So, here are the Top 10 Instagram accounts that cover those criteria and more, for every Haute Mommy to follow :)

National Grographic, Natgeo


Travel And Leisure, TravelAndLeisure

Kids Outfit Of The Day, KidzOOTD 

Girl With No Job, GirlWithNoJob

Foodz My Thing, FoodzMyThing

Trader Joes List, TraderJoesList

Modern Mom, ModernMom

Mi Belle Photographers, MiBellePhotographers

Kate Hudson, KateHudson

Yoga Girl, Yoga_Girl