Hauttie Of The Week: Energy, Nature, Attitude and Zest For Life


It's no shocker that my beautiful soul sista, Samantha Shapiro, is co-owner of 3 uber-successful Chicago clothing boutiques with her 2 sisters, aptly named, ENAZ, an acronym for Energy, Nature, Attitude and Zest for Life.  The blonde bombshell embodies all those qualities and takes #HauteMama to a new level.  She's a proud new member of the club, giving birth to a ridiculously adorable baby girl, Selma Maize on 11.4.14.  While Selma was still cozy, growing in Sam's belly, some real magic happened and she documented it in this series of beautifully tasteful pix.  We're excited to share this pregnancy shoot with you as potential inspiration for all you haute mommies hoping to capture a piece of your own journey.  Enjoy!

AC: What inspired you to do a pregnancy photo shoot?

SS: I wanted to capture how beautiful and empowering pregnancy is by dressing up the baby bump and also showing my creative side with fashion. 

AC: Who did you model it after?

SS: I wanted the pictures to give off a "bohemian chic" vibe which is really my favorite kind of fashion. I believe clothes can be so telling about a person so hopefully my pictures can convey my love for art and music. Fashion idols: Kate Moss and Sienna Miller


AC: The pics are seriously stunning. How did you ensure they turned out so flattering?

SS: Thank you!!! I thought if I stayed true to myself and wore things I was comfortable in, then the pictures would speak for themselves.

AC: Did you have any hesitation before stripping down?

SS: Who me? Never. I'm pretty comfortable in my skin (to say the least) and I would have never decided to have these pictures taken if I wasn't fully confident. My hope is that Selma will see these pictures and think I was a cool chick back in the day!

AC: What advice do you have for other Haute Mommies considering a pregnancy shoot? Was it worth it for you?

SS: I say go for it since being pregnant is such a blessing, why not capture it on film? It also sends a message to other pregnant women to love their bodies and to embrace the moment.

AC: Where are you displaying the pictures?

SS: I haven't decided what to do with them yet. I might include them in a cool coffee table book and choose my favorite one to hang in Selma's room.

AC: How far along were you when you shot?

SS: About 6 months

AC: Which is your fave and why?

SS: I love the one wearing a motorcycle jacket. It's a little rock n roll, all American and just bad ass!

AC: How much does a shoot like this cost?

SS: My very talented friend, Jackie Trezzo did this shoot in 2 1/2 hours. Not only does she have a creative eye but also helped with the lighting and styling all for under $500.