If it takes too much time or hassle, let's face it Haute Mommies, we're sooooo O U T.  That's why this 4-ingredient smoothie is just up our alley.  Packed with protein, flavor and little-to-no mess, your kids'll go wild for the naturally sweet taste.  The star ingredient here: The Banana!  And because the recipe is so beautiuflly basic, the banana really shines.  Who needs fancy shmancy when nature has already provided us with a delectable treat!? Bonus: You're totally that mom now who prepares fresh, daily organic smoothies for your little ones.  Had we known it was this easy, maybe we wouldn't have thrown shade all these years :)  Drink up & E N J O Y

1.5 Bananas

4 Oz. Organic Whole Milk

3 cubes of ice

1 half cup - Organic low fat greek yogurt

**Cut the bananas in half and drop into blender.  Pour in the 3 other ingredients.  We use the magic bullet for around 30 seconds or until completely blended.  Serve and SWOON ♥

Nutrition Breakdown (Ish)

Calories - 320

Fat - 7g

Protein - 30g (can't beat that)