Smoothie Of The Day

There are simply too many times our kiddies scoff at the meals we put time and energy into creating for them.  On those occasions, we simplify with smoothies. All the nutrients- fruit, veggies, protein and goodness rolled into one tasty treat and without fail, the kiddies'll love it!

Our smoothy of the day here at HML is called, "Everything Goes" because well, yep, ya get it.  


1 Banana

2 Cuties

1 Handful Seedless Watermelon

1 Handful Spinach Leaves 

4 Oz. Organic Whole Milk (with DHA)

1 Half Cup - Organic low fat greek yogurt

3 Cubes Ice

**Separate oranges into segments.  Slice banana in half and add all ingredients into blender.  We use the magic bullet.  Blend ingredients together until fully mixed (30 seconds +)  

Serve and Swoon!!!