The Key To Living Longer? The Tortoise Vs. The Human Vs. The Hound

turtle humanbody dog Sorry to get all serious on yall'z but....Did you know a giant tortoise will live 100+ years on average, while humans' lifespan is around 78.5 (give or take) and sadly our beloved fury friends are with us just a small fraction of that. But why?  Well, turns out, it could have something to do with the number of breaths we take. Now let's get one thing straight, I'm no Doc, wouldn't survive another day of school if I tried, but I do pay attention to basic logic so when I heard this theory, the light bulb went off.

Dogs breathe approximately 24 breaths in a minute Humans = about 12-20 breaths in a minute Tortoises breathe in 4 breaths per minute and they live longest.

Point is, if we as humans, consciously slow down our breathing, taking longer, deeper breaths, will that promote greater relaxation and an overall calmness, creating a longer lifespans for us?! Perhaps it's just one factor, but certainly a crucial one.  After all, we know stress is a one BIG killer. So, we here at Haute Moms Club enlist all you heroic ladies today on this #HauteMommyMonday to do something special for YOURSELF. Whether it's an at-home facial, an online purchase (F#%* Me Pumps, duh),  a shower,  a bath, for gawd sakes, a Real Housewives episode or 5...take some time to celebrate yourself, and most of all, just breathe.