The Higher The Heel, The Closer To...A Big Ol Spill?

It's no secret here at Haute Mom's Life that we have a slight, unhealthy healthy obsession with SHOES!!!  I mean it's just something that gets our hearts racing, our blood pumping, our adrenaline rocketing through the roof!  There's got to be something downright physiological here.  On a more literal level, there's really nothing that offers an instantaneous boost to a woman's stature, bootaaay and overall confidence quite like a pair of sky-high heels.  BUTTTT.....and there is a BUT, those days of rocking triple-platform, 160mm  Louboutins dayside, are long gone.  That's not to say, we don't whip out those bad boys every date night but pushing a stroller, or worse yet, carrying a tot in heels over 4(ish) inches just seems a little silly, and even perhaps, irresponsible??  Could you imagine taking a big ol spill??  There's nothin cute about that. After much deliberation with our Haute Mommy friends, we've all come to the bitter-sweet conclusion that we've had to make some mayjah changes in the shoe department introducing (cringing as we write this) shorter, comfier, more sturdy heels, wedges, booties to the mix to match this new phase in life.

Caution: Exploring this new world of flatter-shoes can lead to...Fit Flops.  They may feel like you're walking on clouds but this is a slippery slope....your next stop is Mephistos and Aerosoles.  Dear Gawd, there's nothing chic about that.  So, our advice, hold off as long as you possibly can.  And with that, we introduce our Haute Mom's Life latest shoe they say, kid tested, haute mom approved. √

Isabel Marant - Etoile Rawson Black Suede Ankle Boot - On Sale, 40% off $550 from $900

Gap Ankle-Wrap Wedges Sale $48 from $69 

Top Shop - Both around $100 

Stuart Weitzman - Demiswoon Boots $645

Joie - Lena Wedges