Ladies, your Friday is about to get REAL!  An HML fave, women's clothing line, Beckley by Melissa is having a massive sale, starting today!  http://beckleybymelissa.com Everything on the site is 75% off!!!  We're talking leather overalls, plaid jumpers, bomber jackets and sunnies-galore.  Excuse us while we have a mini dance party!  Okay we're back.

The celebs love it - Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Banks, Amy Poehler and Charleze-long-legs-Theron to name a few and the pieces are cool, classic, chic and truly timeless, as in, they'll elegantly line your closet for life!   Just think of Beckley as the Sophia Loren of women's fashion yet it totally mirrors cute-as-can-be designer Melissa's own flawless style (pictured center below) And with that, you better get a move on it Haute Mommies, our cart is full ♥

**Be sure to enter the code: beckley75 at checkout for the discount!! http://beckleybymelissa.com