Putting On The Fringe

Are you guys obsessing over fringe as hard as we are these days?!  The trend reappeared several months ago and now it seems everywhere we turn, fringe is front and center; adorning boots, bags, bathing suits, and anything considered "boho chic"  Typically something like this might annoy us but ohhhh no, not fringe...Fringe can do no wrong in our eyes, it's sort of like Johnny Depp, Rose or Paris in the springtime; classic, chic, simply irresistible. fringe 4 fringe 2Perhaps the journey back in time the storied tassel takes us on evokes such a strong response.  Originally, Native American tribes of the Plains had created garments with fringe, which served as a type of gutter repelling rainwater from the wearer.

Generations later, fringe became a hit with the likes of Gatsby and his "friends" during the roaring 20's.  Elvis loved it and other music legends like Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin accessorized with fringe on jackets regularly in the 60's.  Today, fashion forward stars like K-Hud and model Alyssa Miller can't be seen without it.  It's so Ralph Lauren, so Americana, 100% Cowboy (or girl) and just so damn sexy.  So here's to a trend that will live on forever reaching many subcultures until the end of time, and of course, here's some inspiration on how to rock it today, haute mommies!

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