LIT = Love Inspired Tech

Here at Haute Moms Life, we care about new technology as much as, well frankly, watching paint dry.  That is until one VERY special, Very Haute TV Producer came up with an uber-cool contraption that literally makes every one of us look 10-years younger and (dare I say it) well-rested.  And all of this, in just the flip of a switch.  Meet our dear friend, Producer extraordinaire and now "Inventress" (did we seriously just say that?!) Mariam Zerehi.  Her company LIT, short for Love Inspired Tech is transforming the way we communicate with family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, kids, parents, co-workers, basically everyone over the computer and eventually our phones.  We went straight to the source in a little Q&A with Mariam to get the scoop.

HML: First off, Congrats on the success of LIT Mariam...There's absolutely nothing like it on the market...tell our mommies about LIT

MZ: LIT is a portable device that lights you properly while you video chat, snap pics or upload videos to the web. For just $39, you have professional lighting anywhere you go. And because it charges via micro-USB thru your computer, LIT is perfect for Haute Moms (and Dads) who travel. No need to worry about adapters or plugs.

HML: What's the story behind it. What was your Aha moment ?

MZ: I was on a shoot in London and met someone I really hit it off with. We talked about life, love, and everything in-between. On the last night of the trip, he said 'I can't not stay in touch with you! Do you Skype, do you iChat?' Without missing a beat, I quipped 'there's no way someone's putting a camera in my face without good lighting.' And that's when the bulb--figuratively and literally--went off. Love Inspired Tech--or LIT--is built on the pillars of connection, love and light. There's nothing like seeing someone react to turning on the device for the first time. You look good--and more importantly--feel good. Confident.

HML: You've been a TV Producer for years working with hands-down the best talent out there from Matt Lauer to Mario Lopez, Chris Wallace to the legendary Joan Rivers....but it's one specific TV Icon who helped influence LIT.  What can you dish about that??

MZ: I've been working in the industry for nearly 15 years. From Election Night Coverage to broadcasting live from the red carpet at the Golden Globes, the one constant with all these productions--and my talent--is the importance of good lighting. It's imperative. One iconic broadcaster in particular is adamant about a specific lighting temperature and diffuser type. And she always looks fabulous. So when developing the product, I consulted with her lighting director to adapt those specifications into LIT. It's TV-quality lighting without the bulk or the massive price tag. Because everyone should be able to afford to look their best.

HML: LIT is not just a perfect solution for Youtubers or online daters but really for our own community of Haute Mommies and Daddies...

MZ: LIT is a simple solution to a common problem. And it's an absolute must for Haute Mommies sending their kids off to college. Dorm lighting is horrendous. Your teen will thank you for it. It's a great tool to encourage connection, staying in touch. And for Haute Mommies putting together celebrations at home, you'll never need to rent an expensive photo booth again. People spend thousands on renting these machines when really all they're paying for is good lighting. Haute Mommies are savvy shoppers. Save your money for a pair of fab heels. All you need is LIT and a laptop and you've got yourself a professional photo booth. And your kids can snap away. No operator to convince to let you take just one more!

HML: You're not just our girrrrrrl Mariam but you're a true inspiration to so many women for creating a business from scratch and seeing it through....all the while maintaining your "day job" and still looking hot as ever!!  What advice can you offer women who may want to do the same but are hesitant? 

MZ: I don't think there's any job more difficult than being a mom. So for all the Haute Mommies out there, you're already the CEO of your household! If you're truly passionate about creating something, do it. Take the first step. Write down your idea. Sketch out your vision. And keep moving forward. Just one step at a time. The road to launch has been a very long one. But it never occurred to me to give up. And I've learned so much along the way. Perseverance, hard work and resilience will be the key to your success.

HML: What's next for LIT?

MZ: I've developed a smaller version of LIT that will fit your smartphone. Really cool. Follow us on Instagram for updates on that--@LoveInspiredTech.

HML: How do we get our hands on LIT before they all sell out?

MZ: Go to to purchase. You can sign up now for your pre-sale invite. We're offering 25% off to all the Haute Mommies out there using code "Haute Mom". We'll also be in two retailers in Los Angeles and Washington, DC this fall. Very exciting--so stay tuned for those details!