Mommies, stop what you're doing...actually, scratch that....Continue what you're doing - which is reading this post - and get real, real friggin excited because we're about to introduce you to something sooooo sinful it'll rock your haute little world.  That is, if you like us, consider food life-changing.  Okay, so here's the secret...It's called Aris. It's original greek style yogurt (not frozen, though they'd make killer popsicles) They're made with sheep milk, fresh fruit and all natural ingredients including buglers, bificus and acidophilus (bye bye yeast :)  Aris is lactose-free DING DING DING!! I'm sure you're loving that my little intolerant friends! And the flavors are vast; Fig, Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Apricot, mango, plain and more!  This stuff is seriously like crack; SO good, you'll find us fantasizing about it more than, well, ya know :) Here's how it breaks down: There are 2 servings per container...which really one person can house morning, noon or night.  It's an ideal on-the-go snack on the way to work, or as an after-dinner sweet (guilt-free) AND the best part, your kiddies will LOVE it too!

Each serving:

90 Cal,

2G of fat

6G of protien


***Aris is sold at specialty supermarkets like Gelson's and Bristol Farms and online.  Each container is around $6 which may seem a tad on the pricy side, but it's less than a meal out- and more than you could ever ask for!  B-T-DUBBBBBS- we better get free yogurt for life after this endorsement :)