Kate Hudson On Shape

Kate Hudson blows it out of the water on the cover of Shape Magazine this month talking about what else, ya guessed it, her own famous shape....oh yea and her new adorbs activewear line, Fabletics. www.shape.com If you know anything about me, you know I'm in ♥♥♥ with K-Hud.  Not just because she's stunning, successful, cool (first hand experience from a couple unforgettable red-carpet chats but she exudes true happiness.  That is really hard to find.  Kate tells Shape mag she finds her balance in meditation...taking a few minutes for herself everyday even if it's just "staring at a wall"  Where'd she learn such wisdom??  Ya guessed it again, her own mama, Goldie Hawn.  But what I love most about this interview is what Kate reveals she doesn't do - making her a bit more like the rest of us - that keeps her at the top of her game.  She doesn't use a personal chef, she doesn't diet and she doesn't have some crazy celebrity fitness routine.  Instead the 35-year-old Haute Mom-of-2 enjoys cooking healthy meals for her family, exercises to "get oxygen to my brain" with a bike ride, TRX or boxing and overall leads a healthy lifestyle rather than relying on crash-diets for 2 weeks at a time.  Haute Mommies, let this inspire you to get out there and be the hauttest b#*$ch you can be!