It's Facon, not Bacon

photo-27 copy Every week my Mom, a true Gawdsend, comes to hangout with our beautiful bambino.  For her it's absolute nirvana, for me a necessity so I can bolt for a couple hours, bobbing and weaving from meeting to appointment like a chicken with my head cut off.   Last week I decided to whip together a quick lunch for us, a Thank You of sorts, for the unconditional love she gives my baby and for truly being the best nanny, in her case, Nonie (that's what we call her) a girl could ask for.   What better way to show my appreciation than with....bacon, well actually, Facon.  For those of you who don't know, 1. We DON"T eat meat 2.  We DO eat Facon - a ridiculously good non-meat product...just like bacon, minus the slaughterhouse.  After throwing together some simple ingredients,  15 minutes later, lunch is served...It's an FLT Mom.  FLT?!  Yup, like a Bacon Lettuce Tomato - with a healthy (Facon) twist.  She took one bite and LOVED IT!  That day, she left with a full belly, HUGE smile and fistful of Facon.  And Wilbur is one happy piggy.


1 OroWeat 100 calorie Wheat Sandwich Thins

2 Morning Star Facon Bacon Strips

1 tsp Low Fat/Calorie Mayo

Handful washed Arugula

2 1/2 to 1 inch slices of Beefsteak tomatoes

Option to include Egg Whites for more protein.

Fresh Ground Pepper and Sea Salt - as much as you'd like

Toast the sandwich thins.  Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil on pan and cook 2 egg whites until well-done.  Place to the side.  Use that same pan to cook the facon until golden brown (about a minute on each side)  Spread mayo on the lightly toasted bread, add eggs, tomato, facon and top off with arugula lettuce.  Add salt and pepper for taste.  ENJOY!