I Am...


I Am...Dispassionate.  There's a common misconception about the meaning of that word.  I guess I just figured "dispassionate" meant the exact opposite of passionate, essentially, not giving a crap, being lazy.  Not true.  In fact, being dispassionate is something I totally strive for in life these days

In the dictionary, Dispassionate is an adjective meaning, not influenced by strong emotion, and so able to be rational and impartial.

There have been so many times that I  grip so tightly to the result of my effort or practice but sadly the result hasn't turned out as I would hope.  As you know, that can lead down a destructive path.  So, I offer you this...Become dispassionate, meaning let go --- of the results, the conclusion, disconnect from the outcome. I suggest taking a more rational, impartial approach.  It is the most liberating thing, swears.  Let me point out, by no means am I suggesting that you give up or stop caring but rather just the opposite.  Give whatever it is you're doing 150% -- wholehearted passion but leave it there...and become dispassionate about the outcome.

I practice this in yoga- if there's a pose I desperately want to perfect, I give it my all, but then let go with how it turns out.  The same applies off the mat.  If I go in for a meeting, plan a birthday party, cook for friends, etc., I do the absolute BEST I can do giving all my passion, then I disconnect with the outcome, becoming dispassionate.  So simple, and so damn effective.  Anywhoo...I suggest you give it a shot...Life becomes so much more peaceful x

All My Love, Haute Mommies