5 Steps To The Best Birthday Party - On A Budget

Let's face it Haute Mommies, Birthday Parties for kiddies under the age of 3 are totally for us.  Think back, do you really remember anything from your childhood before 3, 4, or 5...maybe flashing images here or there, but that's really the extent.  So how do you plan something that'll engage our little ones and keep parents from running for the door?  Great entertainment for starters, oh yea, and a little lotta booze too.  Taking all that into account, we were, well, sorta modest in planning Gibson's 1st birthday.  100 of our nearest and dearest (I know I know) a backyard party with endless food, booze, babes and a band...but we managed to nail it on a budget.  It was a HIT!  Here's how it went down...take notes ;) PICK A THEME - 2 words: Party City. http://www.partycity.com It's a one-stop-shop.  We opted for the whole planes, trains, automobile shtick and found everything in literally one spot...plates, napkins, utensils, cups, streamers, banners, bib, you name it...and it was totally affordable.

BRING ON THE BAND - If you're in the So Cal area, you MUST check out The BeatBuds http://www.thebeatbuds.com The kids are in love with the musical-duo and the songs are so catchy you'll find yourself humming along.  Bonus: They'll mail a CD before your party to get you acquainted with the songs.  This is what MADE the party.  Without the band, snoooooozefest.

MORE PIZZA PLEASE - We catered pizza and salad from Ameci Pizza http://www.amecipizzaandpasta.com Note: Have the kid pies double-sliced for thinner pieces.  Saves $$ and food from being wasted.  We also catered one big sub from Italia Deli for adults who can't look at another piece of pizza. http://italiadeli.com

birthday 2

CAN'T FORGET THE BOOZE - Wine and Beer is the easiest option.  Can we say Costco?  Your best friend in times like these.  Next time I'm not wimping out and going for a whole Bloody Mary Bar instead because why the hell not?!

BLOW OUT THE CANDLES - Staying consistent with our theme, we got a fabulous cake for the party people, and a personal cake for Gibson to ravage through - both from Ralph's

*** I must say, we had an awesome and relatively easy time planning Gib's bday.  We executed it on a budget and it was flawless.  Maybe Gibson won't remember his 1st birthday but thank Gawd we've got the pix to prove it.