Haute Mom Must-Haves For Fall

I like to shop my closet. It's quick, convenient, and FREE! But I had a serious Oh Shit moment the other day when I sifted through piece after piece and realized, none of it fits me! Not SIZE-wise BUT STYLE-wise.  All these tops I used to prance around in without a bra, out the window (at least while I remain an E cup) and those itsy-bitsy denim-cutoffs?! They just feel so....uhhhh....YOUNG!  Bright pink wedges?  No can do.  And then it came...the breakdown.  Holy crap, I'm OLD! I'm nothing but an old....boring...Mom.  But then it hit me.  The old me, actually,  the much younger me, decked in micro-minis, crop tops and 10-inch platforms (seriously) may be changed, but certainly not gone.  That wide-eyed, excited, rebellious, youthful spirit is still very much alive, just expressed in a different, more elegant way. I remind myself,  life is all about change.  If we don't change, we die.  Plain and simple.  So it's time to embrace the transformation and love my 30's as a new Haute Mommy.  This story seems even more fitting seeing as summer has turned to fall, the leaves are changing, temps cooling and style evolving.  It's out with the old, in with the new, a wonderful thing to celebrate!  So while I continue hacking through my closet getting rid of, frankly, a lot of crap, I begin filling it with new pieces; really beautiful clothing that's still sexy but sophisticated and always on-trend.  That said, here are my 7 Fall Must-Haves that I recommend for EVERY Haute Mom.

1. Pencil Skirt www.oldnavy.com

2. Faux Leather Pants www.hm.com Or Leather Pants www.ralphlauren.com Polo for Ralph Lauren Women

3.  Tailored Blazer www.zara.com

4. Over-The-Knee Boots www.stuartweitzman.com

5. Something Blue www.gap.com

6. Bad-Ass Booties www.ralphlauren.com

7. Rip-Torn Jeans www.geneticlosangeles.com