Half Up Top-Knot, Why Not?

Haute Mommies, you know we're not ones to follow fleeting trends...but this is one style suggestion we're all about. It's the Half-Up Top-Knot and here's why it's da BOMB. 1. It's uber-cute

2. Keeps ya cool during these hot summer months

3. Gets your hair out of your face - which is a great help when the babe start grabbing for it

4. Still offers a bit of security for you ladies who feel lost without your lovely locks by your side.

It's sorta the best of both worlds, ya know, like a chic mullet -biz on top, partttaaaaay in the back.  Don't let that whole mullet comparison deter you.  Here's how to achieve the look with a pretty simple tutorial (below) AND some of the ladies who well, top-it-off right.