selma 6
selma 6

Have you noticed that kid's birthday parties are more like weddings these days?  Unlimited budgets with over-the-top decor, live bands, designer cakes and 200 of your closest friends.  And half the time the thousands put in doesn't guarantee a memorable turnout.  What we've come to realize here at HML is that DIY = YES!  Case and point: our dear friend and style Guru, Sam Shapiro from Chicago.  She and her hubs hosted their daughter's 1st bday party at their home with family and friends.  Let us tell ya, the decor was so well executed it would make Martha Stewart swoon...the food so tasty, Anthony Bourdain would beg for an invite...and the entertainment so creative well, even Elmo couldn't compete.  Price tag: $500  First (as we always recommend) Sam picked a theme and the rest followed.  And a few things we learned...don't be afraid to borrow and vintage is where it's at. So, here's to one baby's first bash that'll go down in history: Dia De Los Selma!  Take notes...


CAKE AND COOKIES: Cake $30 JEWEL OSCO (came with 1st birthday at FREE smash cake) **Ask your bakery to honor this request. Cookies - $5 each

DECOR: $200 PARTY CITY, TARGET, EBAY- ballons, flower streamers, decorative masks, skull bins for craft table

ENTERTAINMENT: $20 MICHAEL'S - craft table: make skull masks to color by hand, crayons, stickers to take home

FOOD: pulled pork mini sandwiched made in slow cooker (Mariano's meat dept)

BORROWED: 1 dozen Mexican blankets from local restaurant and quesadilla maker from a friend

BONUS: Flower Crowns $30 for 6 (vintage store Hollywood Mirror)

MUSIC: Pandora, Gypsy King's radio

IN SAM'S WORDS: **Highlight was having friends and family together in one setting and their little ones: traditional "kid pic"

**I could have lived without the customary kid pic.- kids were crying and it was complete pandemonium. future mental note: feed them cake/sugar first!