Body After Baby: 5 Celeb Moms Who Bounced Right Back

Man, we lovvvvvvve to hate them.  We love to make excuses for why we can't be like them... "Well, if only I had a trainer and a nutritionist and $$$ and time and bla bla bla....then I could look that good too!"  Truth is Haute Mommies, WE ALL CAN look and feel that good!  Bouncing back after 9 long months of pregnancy- hot fudge sundaes, chili fries and lazy days in bed can certainly be a touch challenge, but that's just it, a challenge.  Something we all can overcome with hard work, dedication and some good rules to live by. Here are 5 Star Moms who rebounded in (what seems like) no time, and their secrets on how they did it.

1. Mila Kunis attributes her svelte post-baby bod to breastfeeding, saying it's a great workout

 2. Jessica Simpson, owes her bounce-back to Weight Watchers.  Though she suggests she doesn't beat herself up for food choices or numbers on the scale.

3. Kim Kardashian lost her baby weight with light and healthy eating and yup, a private chef ;)

 4. Shakira got her banging bod back after eating 8 small meals-a-day and lots of ab work.

5. Stacy Keibler proves a combo of many good habits helped get her bod back.  She say it's all about walking, hiking, pilates, eating healthy and breastfeeding.

***My own little bit of advice.  It doesn't happen overnight but by making good choices, even just one healthy choice each day, before you know it, you'll be living leaner, happier and hautter!  Think Macro, not Micro.  So it's not about dwelling on the brownie you ate last night but rather, focusing your attention on scheduling a 20 minute walk 4 days a week with the babes.  You'll both benefit hugely!  For me, it's all about yoga.  My mind, body and soul feels complete after a killer hot yoga class.  And of course breastfeeding!  That all helps tremendously.  Here's to a new year and a new you, Haute Mommies!Note: Pics from