Bagel On A String = Genius!

  Haute Mommies, I learned something life-changing today; Beverly Hills Deli, Nate 'N Al doesn't just have the world's best Matzo Ball Soup, they've got the world's BEST bagels...on a string!  Here's the scoop...Years ago, one of their beloved waitresses decided to thread a string though the center of a bagel and present it to every baby who comes through the door as a sort of right of passage.  We experienced it first hand yesterday.  

My girlfriend, Joey and I sat with our delicious little guys for a delicious big meal.  Our waitress, Tina, walked over, a big smile on her face enthusiastic to share "what's in the dough" with our bbs.  At first, I thought hmmmm, a bagel...with a string attached, ummmm am I missing something???  Seconds later after Gibson launched across the table to clobber it, the whole thing made PERFECT sense!  Mommy holds the string while teething-tot explores the bagel in all its glory  Here's the genius in it, there's no chance for the bagel to fall on the floor, the string offers an added element of surprise and interest for the baby...oh yea, it's totally complimentary AND moms can eat in peace and quite, sorta.  Anyway, being the interrogator investigator I am, I had to uncover the story behind this bright idea.  Found out the  Nate 'N Al waitress who came up with the cool concept had sadly passed away BUT her legacy certainly lives on.  

If you know anything about Nate 'N Als, you know it's a serious institution in LA, arguably one of the best delis in the world and a serious celeb hangout.  When it comes to the A-list and Nate N' Als staff, they're like PBJ: smushed together in this beautiful symbiotic relationship  Legend has it, Larry King (who you'l find at the deli every morning, same table without fail) was just one of the celebs to show at up at the waitress' funeral.  Many others attended as well donning a very unique accessory, a bagel strung around their necks.  If that's not love well...The waitress' memory will live on with this incredibly simple but smart invention :) And I'm happy to share it with you.  Try it at home, could make dinner time a lot less messy and more enjoyable.