50 Shades of...Shades

Rihanna in Dior's So Real If there's one accessory that's got every Hollywood star "covered" rain or shine, day or night, with or without child, it's the perfect pair of shades. Whether you're popping bottles or in this case, pumping bottles, a great set of sunglasses will have you looking your best even on 2 hours rest. When it came time for my push present, I opted out of Tiffany's (not that it was an option) and all-in for the darkest, chicest pair of kick-ass shades to A) shield me from the rest of the world B) shield the rest of the world from me.

I splurged, well actually, my hubby splurged - On a pair of over-the-top Chanel shades, perhaps a little too pricey but let's make one thing clear, I am one frugal bitch. You'll definitely find me strolling the aisles of TJ Maxx before Intermix.  That said, a few things are absolute musts, splurge-worthy, if you will:  Amazing heels, Amazing denim, Amazing bags and AMAZZZZING shades. That's not to say you need to spend next month's rent on a pair of Prada but these are items I wear day after day, so spending a little more goes a long, long way. Think of it as an investment if that makes you sleep better at night. Anyway, back to my point, here Haute Moms Club, If you want to look your absolute best, at your worst, it's all about the shades. Here are a few faves.