5 Must-Have Maternity Styles With Fashion Guru, Kelly Nishimoto

What: Maxi Skirt - $25-$95

Where to Buy: Pretty much everywhere

The Deets: When you don’t feel like wearing pants, the maxi skirt offers a nice breeze when you are hot & pregnant…& hot! Lol!

Why they are great: Most maxi skirts have NO elastic in the waistband which is perfect for a growing belly because you don’t feel constricted. Need extra coverage? Try a belly band or tank (#10 on my list)

Bonus Points: If you stay away from maternity maxi skirts…you can wear them post pregnancy! They are the perfect transitional piece while you transform back to your original self…

What: Swing Tank - $18-$60

Where to Buy: Asos | H&M | Forever21 | Nordstroms | TJ MAXX | Ross | Marshalls

The Deets: The swing tank is an a-line tank usually cut on the bias of fabric so it literally “swings” when you move.

Why they are great: They are great for keeping your growing belly comfortable. And since they fit and then flare, you still maintain some shape.

Bonus Points: You can find them anywhere and they are reletively inexpensive. They can also be worn post baby!





What: Soft Slip-ons in Fun Colors

Where to Buy: JustFab www.justfab.com | Zappos www.zappos.com

The Deets: Soft sole flats or slip-ons with woven edges will have you skipping around town…

Why they are great: When you are pregnant, your feet swell which forces you to wear a larger size. These soft sole shoes are made with fabric which gives your feet room to do whatever they decide to do!

Bonus Points: They are adorable and just generally make you feel good…

What: Statement Necklace - $20-$60

Where to Buy: Target | H&M | Queen P. Jewelry

The Deets: Most people wouldn’t consider this a basic, but indeed, jewelry is an important part of any wardrobe.

Why they are great: When you are pregnant and feeling drab, statement neclaces are a way to add a pop of color and distract from your monotone outfit and baby blues.

Bonus Points: They are super trendy right now, so it’s a way to have fun with your wardrobe!

What: Support Garments - $28-$38

 Where to Buy: A Pea in the Pod

The Deets: These support garments are made for growing bellies. I couldn’t live without mine…and I think you’ll agree!

Why they are great: This is a great way to let it all hang out without letting it all hang out…

Bonus Points: No matter how much you wash and wear them…they stay in great shape!