Picking a stroller is like finding a man.  So many out there but tough to score the right one.  Well mamas look no further, we've discovered a new baby ride that you'll def want to spend the rest of your life with.  It's by UPPAbaby, called MINU (pronounced "min-you") and it's everything you look for in a ride-or-die.

Here's what sold us:

1. Easily collapsable. literally you can push a button with your left hand while holding your babe in the right. Voila! 

2. 14 Pounder.  Ok I know all you Super Moms out there think that's nothing -- but that's just it, it's NOTHING -- no lugging, dragging, chucking with this one.  It's quick, easy and no problem to "throw" in the trunk

3. Use/Re-Use.  Minu is suitable for babies 3-months old all the way to 50 pounds.  You can pass around amongst your kids.

4. Lay Flat.  That's like asking if I want to travel coach or first-class?  This stroller is super lux offering the option to recline all the way.

5. Storage.  Under the seat, there's a sizable space for bringing along stuff since all moms have lots of STUFF.  Snacks, diapers, wipes, keys, purses, makeup, whatever you want.

For more info -  check out my Instagram TV Review @adriannacosta or click here to hear from the masterminds behind the Minu: