How Much Is Too Much?

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We've had an ongoing conversation in our home for what feels like ETERNITY breaking down the fundamental idea of this: How Much Is Too Much?  As it pertains to our world mamas, is it ok for us gals with young children to post nude selfies, pix in barely-there bikinis, photos flaunting how good life is??  

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According to my hubs, the answer is plain and simple - NOPE!  Well actually it goes something like this "Why do you need to post about your personal life and body for the world to see?"  My answer??  "Why The Hell Not?"  I work hard, I feel good, why not share that with my audience be it family, friends, followers?  So that is what I did.  And it felt good - authentic and empowering. 

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Now, the overall topic is not always cut and dry.  For example, I don't personally love the never-ending crotch-shot blast-off's from Kim Kardashian...Let's not forget, days after having a baby via surrogate, Kim proudly posted a series of racy nude pics for her 100+ million Instagram followers to gawk over.  But truth is, it's not my say and obviously it's those nudies that keep her in the conversation and off to the bank.  Ka-Ching$$$  

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I do believe, however, after having two kids and nearly 18 months away from any semblance of a swimsuit (tankini, full piece, hazmat suit, whatever) well, hell I want to share my ENTIRE journey with the world!  From my big and burgeoning belly during pregnancy to life as a new mommy and ultimately, to the moments where I finally feel like I'm gettin' my groove back - bikini and all.  

So, I want to know mommies - What's your feeling on this topic?  How Much IS Too Much?  Hit us up on social media @adriannacosta to keep the convo going.