Anthony Bourdain Made This Mom Feel Alive Again

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Like many people, I woke up this morning to the terribly shocking and most devastating news that Anthony Bourdain took his own life.  I literally gasped.  How could someone who appeared  so alive - a man who seemed to have an unawavering lust for life- die in such a horrific way??  

Anthony Bourdain had been open about facing his own demons over the years from heroin and cocaine addiction to thoughts of suicide.  But while he dealt with his own inner struggles he had a miraculous way of bringing so much happiness to people around the world.  That's the irony here as it so often is.  

I think the reason people loved him so much is because he was the King of Authenticity, so raw.  A guy who really pushed the envelope.  I mean just think - an ex drug addict, cigarette smoking, tatted up, potty-mouthed traveling gypsy with his own show on CNN!??!?!  Though it seems like such an odd pairing, it made for some of the most compelling programming on TV today.

Bourdain traveled to more than 100 countries and reached communities and tribes that most people would only dream of.  And imagine when those people met Bourdain - the force that he was.  I honestly can't imagine a better ambassador for the US.  

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Anthony would embrace his round-the-world travels with the utmost respect and compassion for the culture he was exploring.  It almost made you feel as if each one of his episodes became a personal love note to the region he visited.  

I remember after just giving birth, the thought of getting on a plane sounded like some sort of satanic tourture- even if it was half way around the globe to an exotic location.  Hell, I thought my days of traveling would never come again.  So I'd sit in bed, half asleep, with one babe at my feet, the other sucking away on the boob and I'd get lost in Parts Unknown.  I was suffering from serious postpartum depression but it was shows like Anthony's that would help me escape my reality while he'd escape to the newest, hottest private island of the coast of Gawd knows where.  

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While many of us are reeling today from this tremendous loss, this is my way of saying Thank You to a trailblazer who probably had no idea the amount of joy and entertainment he brought into our lives.  Thank You Mr. Bourdain.  I'm so grateful.  And thank goodness for reruns.  Your light will shine on forever through your stories, your precious family and the many people you touched in your travels throughout the years.