The Truth Behind Saying Thank You

There's been a major debate going on in the mommy world and we're getting to the bottom of it.  What's the deal with Thank You's these days?!  In a primarily digital world, is it still important to send hand-written Thank You notes after birthdays, weddings, baby births, bar mitzvahs and other milestones??  What's the ettiquite?  It seems everyone has their own way of doing it, but what's expected and/or accepted these days?!  Do people even care about receiving Thank Yous anymore?! Here at HML, we're creating our own set of standards for how we think you should say Thank You in 2016.  So move over Emily Post, here are some of our rules to guide you:


1. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Baby Birth, Quinceaneras require hand-written Thank You's!  Why you ask??  Because they're major milestones that don't happen yearly like birthdays.

2. If you send out actual hard copies of invites in the mail, your Thank You cards should arrive the same way.  On the other hand, if you send out digital invites, your Thank you's can be sent online.

3. Sending a mass digital Thank You sharing gratitude for guests attending an event and/or bringing gifts is still something, better than nothing, but won't leave friends and family feeling all warm and fuzzy.  What we've realized is if you take just a little extra time and personalize each card, your guests will appreciate the gesture so much more especially your parent's friends who are still steadfast on feeling every gift should be recognized with a hand-written Thank You.  Mom?? Ya here???  Here's a tip: If you're using an online invite service like my personal fave, check out their super CUTE Thank You notes that will often times match your invites.  You can "clone" the card and then re-write your msg to each guest which shows you've gone the extra mile.  #Lifesaver 

thank you.jpg

4. Put you kids to work.  A fabulous way to improve your child's penmanship, writing ability AND save you some time is by having them write their own Thank You letters.  Everyone will LOVE receiving them and it's a win/win.

5.  Are you less of a person for throwing in the towel with Thank You's?  Not in our opinion.  It's a lot of extra work for moms today who have more than one child, birthdays out the wazoo and not even enough time for a stinking bathroom break.  Throw work, cooking and sex on top of that, who the hell wants to put pen to paper?!  All that said, be aware that some may judge you for it.  Ya gotta have the "Zero F%&ks" attitude with this one.

Hope this helps mommies!